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Fairwell I am afraid [26 Aug 2008|04:26pm]

[ mood | sad ]

This is a warning that this community will be deleted on Sunday, you have until to get anything you have posted from here.

I am very sad to have to do this, but the lack of activity on here is just upsetting.


Liz x

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[02 Oct 2007|12:44am]


BoxPoet - Dark rhyming poetry
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Just because I desperately want feedback, or a beta...or, anything... [04 Jul 2007|08:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Just because this comm will hopefully be back on it's feet soon, I wanted some con crit on the first part of a novel i've written, which is in a particular style that I worry might be maddening to read...Anyway, it has been through a dozen titles, but is as yet unnamed. It follows the life of a 17yr old boy who, is, well...a little strange. Hmmm.

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[25 Jun 2007|03:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Thank you to those who replied to my last post. I thought we should give the theme idea a whirl so here goes. For June the theme shall be Scent/Smell.

Stoires/Poems/Prose to be in on the 1st of July, I know thats not very long but if anyone has some time all post will be very much apreciated. :)

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2007 [16 Jun 2007|05:56pm]

[ mood | okay ]

~blows dust away~

Hello everyone, it's 2007 now and there hasn't been a single post. I was thinking, to get this community up and running again, maybe to have monthly themes. Then if everyone tries to post it would be so great. I've read pieces from most of you and there is some amazing talent out there!

Bitterfig sorry for the lack of comments, I have just finished reading your latest post and i liked it alot.

If anyone has ideas, thoughts or comments, please let me know!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Liz x

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The Seventh Swan [10 Nov 2006|11:42am]


Author: Bitterfig

Title: The Seventh Swan

Source: The Seven Swans from Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Genre: Original Dark Fairy Tale

Rating: R

Word Count: 3490

Summary: A post-modern, contemporary retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Seven Swans. 


Witches always have their wars.  Mona is placed under a curse by a rival witch, her seven brothers turned to swans.  For the next seven years, Mona works in silence, weaving the magic shirts that will restore her brothers to human form. 


When the seven years end, the final shirt is unfinished.  Mona’s youngest brother Isaiah--who has spent half his life human, half enchanted--is left behind, alone in the bleak world of reality, one arm the wing of a swan.  


Author’s Note: This is going to be my entry in the_bwg dark fairy tale contest.

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[22 Jun 2006|09:42am]


Author: Bitterfig

Title: All the Treats

Fairy Tale: Hansel and Gretel

Summary: A modern Hansel and Gretel story about a brother and sister taken in by a charming, sinister Candy Maker.  Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a huge inspiration.  That and the White Stripes.  And candy, lots and lots of candy.

Rating: R

Warnings: Incest, threesome, themes of addiction.


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Want [18 Apr 2006|02:17am]


I want
Wanting what I do best
Praying for my wishes to come true
Wanting him
Wanting him to love me
And hold me
Wanting him to banish the pain I feel

Wanting him to touch me
For him to pierce me
To create something
That thing full of life and innocence
Something that will love me through anytime
Love me regardless of my flaws and faults

For that is how he loves me
Knowing almost every thought
Every bitter memory
Every tear, every smile
He remembers those
And he still loves me
But not they way I want.

He tries and protects me
Battles all my demons
Banishes my past
saying it means nothing
Restoring my innocence
When what he saw was pain
And the innocence that is there
But needed to be dug out

I want it to stop
The pain I feel
Seeing him with her
Listening to him yearn for her.
And not for me
For if his angel breaks his wings
We’ll go back to before
Nothing more is wanted
I’m not what he wants
Being unwanted like that hurts
I’m shattered

I want
Wanting is what I do best
But what I want is a fantasy
A fantasy to come true
I want a happily ever after
Will my fantasy become a life?
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Endless thoughts [15 Apr 2006|07:55pm]

Endless thoughts

My thoughts are falling
Into a hell of nothingness
It’s endless
They go on
And ever
And ever
All these thoughts
Breaking me inside
Trying to get out
Pushing pools of falling
From my hazel eyes
All these thoughts
Of him
Of this
Of that
Of the past
Of the future
The things I want
The things that hurt
And tare you up inside
But none of them are good thoughts
All these thoughts kill me
The make
my eyes water
My heart ache
My everything hurt
All this thoughts
When will the bad ones leave
And the good ones stay
Only time can tell
For al I have
Right now
is time.
My thoughts
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First Time. [01 Dec 2005|06:15pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay, this is the first time I have ever shared something I have written online. I'm not a great writer, so please read this with that in mind. It is my first time, so go easy on me. It's an idea I had one day and I only managed to get something written down that I am satisfied with today.

I'm really sorry but the ending is a bit of a cliché, sorry! I couldn't think of another suitable ending! I know the actual layout isn't very good, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Construtive critisms most welcome! If the feedback is good, I shall post it in my personal jorunal.

CellarCollapse )

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[19 Sep 2005|06:02am]

[ mood | good ]

Hello again.  Got this little bit done with editing.  Enjoy!

Still rated R.

Embracing WinterCollapse )

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[15 Sep 2005|11:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello! *waves*   I just stumbled onto this community and thought it would be a nice place to let my writing be seen.  I love feedback!  Well, I've have just a little taste here of a book I'm working on, and I wondered if you guys wouldnt mind giving a read.

Title:  Embracing Winter

Summary:  I'm horrible at these.  It's original, and going to be about vampires.

rating: R for now because of the bad words. ;)

Alright, on to the sample.

Embracing WinterCollapse )


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Well...it said you took fanfiction here :-) [07 Jun 2005|01:36pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Song Without Words (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2235271/1/)
Author: Ruinsul (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/556676/)
Summary: After being raped at a party, Ginny Weasley comes back to Hogwarts a different person. She can't talk to anyone. Not even to her best friend, Colin. When the horrors of her mind start to take over, will Colin be able to help her? (FINISHED)
Rating: PG-13/T

Check it out :-)

If you do read it, please review at the site! I love feedback!

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[18 Apr 2005|12:58pm]

[ mood | suicide.... ]

so, since dunkel_blut wanted them, here they are, some more poems.poemsCollapse )
and so, there they are... there are two more, but i havent put them on my comp yet...

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[08 Apr 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | they took my music AND phone!! ]

hi, i am new, joined because i checked it out from dunkel_blut's profile.i have 3 of my poems today,from my book"abscence of light"Cut off hereCollapse )

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Here I go.. [20 Jan 2005|04:09pm]

Here is some of it.. I know you've been waiting!! <3Collapse )
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3 drabbles, 100 words apiece [19 Jan 2005|11:05pm]

in piecesCollapse )
one dayCollapse )
too close for comfortCollapse )
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Crosses [16 Jan 2005|02:02pm]

[ mood | I don't know ]

*waves* Hi
I actually wrote this awhile ago (December 1...), but forgot to post it and then just assumed I had. So I'm posting it now.
This is not meant as an insult towards anyone.
CrossesCollapse )

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[12 Jan 2005|06:42pm]

Hello. My name is Kat and I am new to this community.. I am currently writing a story about two young female lovers in a Christian town and the fate that befell upon them. I would appreciate all the patience you can sum up as I post bits and pieces of the story. I shall start to post some tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this. Much love.

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For the challenge.. [02 Jan 2005|01:07am]


a crowd on an empty floor
looking round like they see each other
black, light, black, light
strobing faces
could be my night tonight
could get everything
I've been waiting for
meeting places
a landmark, a body moving.

kissing to the music
tongue in the groove of yours
hips so tight together
so close
too close
sway, pray, make love today
dancing our virginity away
to this sound
of silence.

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